Sharing Angel Love

Sharing Angel Love

By Monika Star

Do you believe in Angels? I certainly do. You might use the term guardian angel, divine messenger, good samaritan, spiritual being, hero/shero, helper, protector, well-wisher, spirit, supporter, etc. Whatever the term, angels exist among us or they show us signs from the other side.

I am writing this week’s blog article a couple of days prior to one of my dear friends Alicja’s birthday, and I would like to dedicate this article to her. She stepped up in times of need in my life in my early twenties and I will never forget. Despite our roads in life taking us to different places, we manage to connect at times after 20 plus years. I claimed her as one of my earthly angels here on earth. Happy Birthday, Alicja!

I’m sharing part of my personal experience to encourage others to be open and to follow their angel spirit guides.

Sometimes a brief encounter out of the blue is when divine intervention can take place. As I was doing my healing work from my deep grief from my mother’s passing, I had to get out of the confines of my safe home and seek assistance in this. I had just moved from North Carolina to Lynnwood, WA at that time.

I came across two conferences happening under one roof at the Lynnwood Convention Center- one was a yoga conference and the second one was on the upper level and it happened to be the NW Mind Body Spirit Conference. Some of my experience was a blur since I was in deep grief, but I do strongly recall the time when I went over to Dena Marie‘s table. We talked and she gave me one of her Ora’s Angel coloring books. After that something pierced through with the Love and Light that Dena was radiating … I believed my heaviness was lifting. It gave me a glimmer of hope that healing can take place again. That’s the Magic that can take place at these events.

There are numerous other incidences that I can recall where Angels were taking part in my journey here on Earth. Just last week I was at a conference and one of the things that stood out was a woman by the name of Judith Grace who was freely giving out to everyone around here these sweet butterfly staple angels. Small gestures like these do touch my heart and you never who this may touch deeply in their time of need.

Here’s a photo of Judith working away creating more of the angels to give away.

Whitney Freya is an author and artist and she leads workshops where attendees paint huge life-size angel wings on canvas as a way to be guided into their deepest knowing. I had the opportunity to ask about her latest book, Rise Above, and here is what she had to say…

“My new book, Rise Above, is really about the magic that is within and around all of us and how we can co-create MORE of a dynamic relationship with our own infinitely creative self. I really feel that what we are being called into right now is a new understanding of the oneness and the boundlessness of who we are as individuals AND as infinite beings. It is our linear, left brain that has created boundaries and separation where a greater possibility is truly in witnessing how we each have access to angels, guides…within ourselves and around us. We can BE angels for others and receive that level of divine guidance when we pause, go within, and choose to connect with that deep wisdom.

So much of what I teach is interwoven with the language of symbols. I have found there to be tremendous power and wisdom contained within the experience of connecting with symbols, like the angel wings, and allowing the thoughts, feelings and energy that we experience when meditating on the symbol to guide us. The invitation, as I see it, as you paint your angel wings, is to RISE ABOVE, to look at whatever is happening in your life from a higher, eagle’s eye, type of experience.

My latest book, Rise Above, was going to be called “Super Soul Flow” (the name of my newest meditation course) up until I woke up on November 9th, 2016. The first coherent words in my head were RISE ABOVE. I really felt like this was it–we were being called to Rise Above and take responsibility for co-creating the country we want to live in. I knew that had to be the title of my book. THAT SAME MORNING, I traveled from L.A. to Santa Barbara to fly my “wing” (my paraglider) for the first time by myself! It hit me on the train about halfway to SB–Rise Above! I am going to fly today! Wow!”

Whitney continues …

“When you start engaging in life on a symbolic level, it can really get magical! I love sharing my sacred painting practice with others because I know that there is SO MUCH more to life when we learn to create self-awareness around how we receive and perceive information, guidance and inspiration. Painting, colors, symbols…stimulate your intuitive, love-based, right hemisphere and, when in balance with the left hemisphere, can open you up to all kinds of newness & possibility!”

If you are curious and want to explore these ideas more, she has a FREE online course called The Life Artist Master Class. It is a journey, guided by 5 sacred symbols, into looking and living life as ART, with YOU as the artist.

Who has been an angel in your life? Join our facebook group, the NW Mind Body Spirit Lounge and share your angel story with us online or join us at our booth at The Kind Fest where you can thank your angel and take a selfie of you with angel wings.

Monika Star is an avid wellness advocate, beach watcher, arts promoter and a natural connector. She is the community outreach director for the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection events and enjoys spending time meeting folks who are doing good things for our community.