Creativity is in You!

Creativity is in You!

by Monika Star

Did you know that creativity is not something special reserved for “artists” only, but is an essential key to living a happy, fulfilled life? Tapping into that sweet creative zone let’s you feel fully present and fully alive. The key is to just get started…

Madisyn Taylor, co-founder and editor-in-chief of DailyOM, talks about the importance of creativity in her book, Unmedicated – The Four Pillars of Natural Wellness. I reached out to her to get her thoughts on the topic:

“Creativity is step 3 under pillar two of Unmedicated. Take time to create.

I talk about creativity in terms of my work because after doing such heavy and deep emotional work it is especially important to take time for creativity. We are all born creative beings and somewhere along the way many of us have been criticized in some way whether we were told we couldn’t draw or sing or dance. Creativity is our birthright and we all have our own unique way of expressing ourselves, we just need to do it. As humans we create in every moment from our thoughts to how we dress ourselves or decorate our homes. When we tap into our creativity we tap into a powerhouse force within us.”

Madisyn’s book, Unmedicated, is now available as an audio book. Exciting news Madisyn, congrats!

Geraldine Banes, is an artist, cranial sacral therapist, and owner of Studio Beju in Duvall. She’s one of those amazing women who has stepped into her role as a “creative” and you never know what she may be coming up with next in her “living out loud” artistic life. This is her take on the topic:

“Creativity thrives on stimulus. It may be a sight, sound, a scent, a thought, something you’ve read or a conversation that somehow galvanizes you into creative action. Whatever that creative action sparks into being often depends on what stimulates you personally or gets you interested enough to explore the subject more. It can be as simple as seeing the light hit a plant, like this fireweed. The deer love this plant and it grows in places that may have seen more than one wildfire. Creative inspiration is a bit like wildfire. It takes just a spark and whoosh you are off and running. So whenever you feel a lull, know that the next inspiration is just around the corner, or even exactly where you are right now. The trick is to be open to it so that you can register it and admire it when it presents itself to you – which if you are open and aware will be all the time, no matter where you are, who you are with or what the lighting is. So get your camera out, get your eyes used to seeing & noticing interesting things that happen during a normal day and you will be amazed at how beautiful life is.”

Come visit Studio Beju on Wednesdays for Creative Circle Afternoons from 1-3pm.

Natasha Kennedy created an adult coloring book called “Maia of the Forest.” I reached out to get her personal story of how she came up with the idea for her coloring book:

“I had a very bad season (about 2 years) of severe anxiety and depression, and I chose to draw the line art for this story whenever I was having a panic attack. I pondered the themes of the story of Thumbelina and wrote a narrative based on that story, illustrating symbolism about depression, the lies we believe, and how it feels. The idea was that as drawing the book and writing the story was healing for me, perhaps coloring within the lines and reading the story would be healing to others. I didn’t want to just be one of the many affected by depression, I wanted to be part of the reach out as well.”

Natasha also shared her take on creativity:

“Creativity is at the core of being human. The things we bring to life through our minds, hands and words are the bits of our soul that we send out into the world, and leave behind for others. Creativity is our ability to express both the divine and the simple in ways that are beautiful. Whether our ideas come into being, or remain inside our heads, the pursuit of creating them is healing and life-giving. Creativity is the expression of self, and a way that we can be known by others.”

You can see Natasha’s other projects at

Want some help getting started?

There is a Coloring for Adults club that meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at Third Place Books Commons in Lake Forest Park.

Urban Sketchers is a club that organizes outings to sketch at different places around the city. See

Sketchbook artist Roy DeLeon posts daily sketches of his life observations on his facebook page. The sketch pictured above is of him sitting in meditation, a favorite activity. Roy says his posts have taught him how to see beyond the obvious and inspire him to develop healthier, happier relationships with other people, the environment and with Spirit.

I truly hope you get inspired with this week’s blog, keep on exploring your creative side, and check out of the clubs mentioned above! Happy Creating!

Monika Star is an avid wellness advocate, beach watcher, arts promoter and a natural connector. She is the community outreach director for the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection events and enjoys spending time meeting folks who are doing good things for our community.