Paige Roberts

Paige Roberts

Paige Roberts – Stress-Trauma and the Brain

This presentation will teach you the basic neuroscience principles of stress-trauma and the effects on the brain and body. Learn what role your current and past mental and physical stressors and traumas could be playing in your current health. You will learn what neuroscience techniques can do to de-condition or neurologically release the brain and body from past traumas and you’ll learn techniques for training and conditioning the brain and body to become more resilient to everyday stressors.

Paige Roberts has a B.A. in Human Performance and Wellness and a Masters of Social Work. She has worked as an athletic trainer, social welfare program director, light therapist and wellness coach. She is also a master Brainspotter and presented her case studies on sports performance expansion at the First International Brainspotting conference in Brazil.

Paige is an ambassador for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, volunteers with the Sick Not Weak Initiative, and currently works as a sports psychology consultant with members of the United States Snowboard Half Pipe and United States Freestyle Moguls Ski Teams. Her company is On Point Performance Neuro Training. Connect with her at:

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